crypto + cannabis reform 

Burn1 has built an ecosystem of blockchain based technologies, products and merchandise that provide financial rocket fuel for cannabis reform.

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How the Burn1 Tokenomics makes a huge difference

3% Charity Wallet

Being able to dedicate a considerable amount of our trading volume towards real, impactful charities is what will help us to make a significant difference. We’re in the process of partnering with several charities and will keep the Burn1 community in the loop to know exactly where it’s going.

2% Marketing Wallet

Burn1 is different from other tokens in that it has a considerable portion of transaction fees going towards marketing. A relatively standard $1M 24h trading volume would allow us to spend $20,000 PER DAY marketing and advertising Burn1. This will make a huge difference in bringing the Burn1 brand to both the Cannabis and Crypto communities.

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How to buy Burn1

All you need is Trust Wallet to get started.

Media & News

Chronic Punks

Chronic Punks

The CPC Is planning on becoming one of the biggest Cannabis Community’s in the world where you can connect and share virtually anything!

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Crypto Rabbits

Crypto Rabbits

The invasion of the Crypt0 Rabbits has begun. Cute, funny but dangerous the rabbits started to invade the NFT market. More and more rabbits follow the great goal of taking control over your mind, your soul and your money. They don’t fear. They don’t care. They take control.

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