The First Charity Token to Support Cannabis Reform & Advocacy.

As a growing community of cannabis enthusiasts, we have built the first ever cryptocurrency to automatically generate funds for non-profit organizations, individuals and corporations. Our aim is to become the financial rocket fuel that assists those that provide support to people and communities affected by cannabis-related issues.

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How the Burn1 Tokenomics makes a huge difference

3% Charity Wallet

Being able to dedicate a considerable amount of our trading volume towards real, impactful charities is what will help us to make a significant difference. We’re in the process of partnering with several charities and will keep the Burn1 community in the loop to know exactly where it’s going.

2% Marketing Wallet

Burn1 is different from other tokens in that it has a considerable portion of transaction fees going towards marketing. A relatively standard $1M 24h trading volume would allow us to spend $20,000 PER DAY marketing and advertising Burn1. This will make a huge difference in bringing the Burn1 brand to both the Cannabis and Crypto communities.

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All you need is Trust Wallet to get started.

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