Burn1 Upgrades Smart Contract, Is poised for Growth

Not all tech upgrades are equal. Some are massive, and some are barely noticeable. On July 30th, Burn1 upgraded its smart contract (Contract 0x31A9042dCE0C13975D04d0E9758Cb7B596F0dD43) and airdropped an updated coin to the wallet of current Burn1 holders.

With our new smart contract, we add some much-needed utility and increase our ability to donate to charities by 700%. The updated coin now boasts a 3% charity wallet.

The updated coin is a massive step in fully integrating Burn1 into brick and mortar stores and an all-new updated toké-nomics! These changes will go a LONG way towards bridging the gap between the Cannabis and Crypto communities.

Our goal is to become the universal currency accepted at dispensaries, and now we can do so! We have already begun making this happen, and the smart contract was the first step to making the Burn1 currency a reality.

All existing holders will be airdropped their exact number of tokens upon the launch of the new contract. The Trust Wallet price will update once the GitHub pull from coin market cap completes.

Before coin market cap updating, you may need to manually add the new token and view the price through poocoin. To do so, click in the upper right-hand corner of Trust Wallet, paste the contract address into the requested field, add 9 as the decimal. Rest assured, once the updates are completed, the price and logo will display in Trust Wallet as usual.

We hope you stop by our telegram group and ask questions! Please refer to pinned messages and this website for the new contract address and any additional information. Please feel free to ask any mod or admin any questions that you may have.


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