Where There’s Smoke . . . There’s Fire

A collection of 4200 hybrid audiovisual NFTs—featuring legends in the fields of art, music, and social activism—that supports The Weldon Project and MISSION [GREEN].


  • Public Mint: Dutch Auction Now Live (details here)
  • Dutch Auction Starting Mint Price: .42ETH
  • Royalty on Secondary Sales: 10%


    • 65% to The Weldon Project and MISSION [GREEN]
    • 15% to John Jennings and the Black Comics Collective
    • 20% to Burn1

    Weldon Angelos IRL DETAILS

    • If your NFT has a musical note, it’s linked to IRL experiences with Weldon Angelos!

      3 Musical Notes- Produce a track with Weldon Angelos.

      These are 1/1 NFT’s included in each of the five drops done in collaboration between Burn1 and Weldon Angelos. In order to cash in on the grand prize you must hold all five of these (3 Note) NFT’s (one from each launch). The Grand Prize holder will then be able to produce a track with Weldon Angelos, which Burn1 will then assist in launching as an NFT on our platform.

      2 Musical Notes– Vocals featured on a track produced by Weldon Angelos.

      There will be five (2 note) attributes within the 4,200 minted on each of the five drops. To cash in this prize, the holder must have in their possession five of these (2 note) NFTs (one from each drop).

      1 Musical Note- Receive a vinyl record of the collection.

      100 (1 note) level NFT’s will be minted on each drop. In order to receive a  vinyl

      How to receive a single?

      Holders of one of the individual NFT’s will have the ability to cash in their Burn1 (E) from staking and order a vinyl

    John Jennings IRL Details

    • If the NFT you mint has the following tags, it’s linked to IRL experiences with John Jennings!

      “Tales to Astonish” (TA Tag) – 100 autographed and framed NFTs 

      “Kirby Krackle” (KK Tag) – 5, 1/1 remixed NFTs. These are designed by John using layers from the existing collection, with new and unique layers. Accompanied by an autographed and framed piece.

      “Straight from the Gutter” (STG Tag) – This 1:1 will reward its holder with a once in a lifetime experience. John will work with the holder to create a character based on them. Accompanied by an autographed and framed piece.


    Music: A previously unreleased Snoop Dogg track, produced by Weldon Angelos, entitled Smokin’.

    Art: An original portrait of Weldon Angelos, by NYTimes-bestselling and Eisner award-winning artist John Jennings.

    The portrait features sixteen different attributes of varying rarities, resulting in a collection of 4,200 randomly generated images from almost 15,000,000 possible combinations. For a complete list of attributes, please consult the rarity chart.







    A social activist and music producer, Angelos served thirteen years of a fifty-five-year mandatory minimum federal prison sentence for selling less than $1,000 worth of cannabis. His sentence was commuted by President Obama, and he was pardoned by President Trump; he has since become a passionate crusader for cannabis justice. Before Angelos was incarcerated, he was a hip-hop music producer and record label owner who had produced music with artists such as Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur.


    Jennings is a professor, author, graphic novelist, curator, Harvard fellow, New York Times best-seller, 2018 Eisner winner, and all-around champion of Black culture. As Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of California at Riverside (UCR), Jennings examines the visual culture of race in various media forms including film, illustrated fiction, and comics and graphic novels. He is also a member of the Black Comics Collective, an organization that celebrates cultural diversity in comics.


    The Weldon Project is dedicated to funding social change and financial aid for those who are still serving prison time for cannabis-related offenses. Through extensive partnerships throughout the legal Cannabis industry, The Weldon Project launched the MISSION [GREEN] initiative to raise the bar for awareness, social justice, and social equity by providing unique ways for cannabis businesses and consumers to participate in a nationwide campaign aimed to provide relief to those who have been negatively impacted by prohibition. For more information, visit The Weldon Project online.


    The Black Comics Collective is a NYC-based community of black comics enthusiasts who create and consume captivating stories featuring characters of color. The Black Comics Collective celebrates cultural diversity in comics and seeks to amplify awareness of creators, writers, illustrators, and publishers who are producing independent comics that depict a dynamic range of global black experiences, aesthetics, and social issues in both earthly and other-worldly realms.


    Keep your eye on this page for news and press announcements.

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    As a growing community of cannabis lovers and enthusiasts, we are building the first ever crypto platform to automatically generate funds for not-for-profit organizations to provide legal counsel and support to those wrongly imprisoned for cannabis-related crimes. Learn More at burn1.today.

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