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Where There’s Smoke . . . There’s Fire

Dropping Feb 5th, 2022

Burn1 Presents: Where There’s Smoke . . . There’s Fire is an audiovisual NFT experience combining all-new digital artwork by NY Times best-selling artist, John Jennings (The Black Comics Collective) and cannabis reform advocate and music producer, Weldon Angelos (The Weldon Project) with an unreleased track entitled “Smokin’” produced by Weldon Angelos featuring hip hop legend, Snoop Dogg.

This NFT project will be released in two parts: a 1/1 Genesis piece and a 4,200 piece Semi-Generative collection combining both seen and unseen traits within the artwork. This will be the first of a five-part series and attributes from this drop will build to combine value with the future drops.

Genesis: This auction of a 1/1 NFT video depicts the creative process of John Jennings drawing the generative series and will be paired with the song “Smokin’” ft. Snoop Dogg, produced by Weldon Angelos.

Semi-Generative: This minted semi-generative project will combine art by Jennings and will also be paired with “Smokin’” ft. Snoop Dogg, produced by Weldon Angelos. The base image will be a portrait of Weldon Angelos drawn by John Jennings that will include semi-generative artistic features and other attributes to be minted by the NFT holder upon purchase.

Holding & Rewards

  • Hidden attributes will include real-life experiences and/or tangible items
  • Verified holders will be rewarded with Burn1 tokens via airdrop.

Royalty Schedule

  • 65% to The Weldon Project
  • 20% to Burn1LLC
  • 15% to The Black Comics Collective

Future NFT Drops

NFT Drop #2- End of Q1

NFT Drop #3- Mid Q2

NFT Drop #4- End of Q2

NFT Drop #5- Mid Q3

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