What is Burn1?

Burn1 has built an ecosystem of blockchain based technologies, products and merchandise that provide financial rocket fuel for cannabis reform. In a day and age where cannabis is legalized, there are still many people facing life imprisonment for cannabis-related crimes, we feel that something must be done on a larger scale.

As cannabis lovers and enthusiasts, we will build a community and use our products to fundraise and donate to specific not-for-profit organizations that give legal counsel and support to those wrongly imprisoned for cannabis crimes as well general cannabis sector reform.

 So many exciting possibilities and the most exciting of them is knowing that you are here to Burn1 with us!

Let’s Burn1 and many more.

The Burn1 Team

Just released -Burn1 web3 app!

We’ve developed a secure and super easy to use web3 app that allows you to connect, buy, and  sell your Burn1 Coins from your favorite wallet!

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